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Golf Fitness and Personal Training
At the The Golfers Academy Our Golf Specific Personal Training Programs combines Golf Fitness training, Functional exercise, Plyometrics and ballistic training to supercharge your body for golf

We help many athletes with not just their golf game but transforming their physiques to be stronger, more agile, faster, leaner through strength and conditioning for other sports, lifestyles and golf training.

This type of training focuses on the core stability, strength, and explosiveness needed to create stability and mobility in the right places in your body for golf.

The program promotes muscle strength, balance, flexibility, speed and explosiveness throughout your body while targeting muscles in the golf swing.

Contact us at Burlington, Ontario premier Indoor golf training facility Strength and Flexibility are keys to a successful game!



Our Golf Development Assessment and Evaluation System

Understanding you, your body and your goals is the key to developing an effective golf performance customized program to take you and your golf game to the next level

What we do at the Burlington Golf Training Academy

1. The Goals and personal history
Through a series of questions designed to get to learn your history and goals and
depending on what you have done on and off the golf course effects how your body will respond to the golf swing. In addition to a complete picture of medical history, any injuries as well as life stressors we understand your history so we can begin the process of goal setting.  Understanding your physical goals and golf goals helps out team to prescribe your individualized program.  The larger and more aggressive the goal, the more work and dedication is needed. The smaller goals take less time and effort.

2. Get Your Golf Fitness Handicap
The purpose of this assessment is to determine how your body is directly effecting your golf swing.
So how prepared or able is your body for the demands of the golf swing? Don't spend anymore time battling swing changes and faults when it is your physical limitations holding you back.
Determine your golf fitness handicap with our selected assessment protocols, and from there you can make adjustments, perform some exercises to then have your handicap re evaluated down the road and see your golf game improve.

3. Swing and Biomechanics Evaluation
Working in conjunction with either your golf coach or one of our professionals, we can monitor your shots through our state of the art simulators to establish goals for your own golf swing not just a text book evaluation.

4. Individualized Golf Fitness Plan and Program

This is where the fun begins. After collaborating your information and assessments, we can now prescribe a golf training plan that suits you and your goals on and off the golf course.
You can apply this in conduction with any of our training programs either in the small group sessions or one and one.


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