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Osteopathy for Golfers in Burlington, Ontario

The Golfer's Academy and Agata Health have teamed up to provide golfers
with ability to increase your posture, rotation and balance

Osteopathy at Agata Health...

Osteopathy is a natural medicine and science that treats the whole person. The goal of treatment is to relieve pain, improve mobility and restore health and vitality. A treatment plan is formulated by understanding the relationship between the structure of the body and how well it functions, and knowing the connections between all the tissues, fluids, organs and systems of the body. Osteopathic practitioners study for years to develop very sensitive palpation skills. Many gentle tests and techniques are used to find and treat the root causes of dysfunction and not just chase the symptoms.
What makes Osteopathy so different from the other modalities is that it doesn't compartmentalize the body into muscles, bones, or nerves. It includes all of this, plus the connective tissue, organs and systems of the body - looking at the whole with the understanding that everything is connected.

Osteopathy Treatments for Pain, and Chronic Conditions Osteopathy tends to be the modality that people tend to try after they have tried everything else. For example those with back pain experiment with massage, chiro, physio, yoga, etc. only to find out that after an osteopathy treatment, they wish they would have discovered osteopathy first.

According to an Osteopath, you can have back pain due to reproductive problems, tight ovaries or prostate. Back pain may stem from constipation or stomach issues. The connective tissue in between organs may be to blame. Or it may even be from an imbalance of the fluids in your system. By discovering through their unique assessment, what systems are pulling on the back and why, then adjusting the anchors that are hindering the spine and pelvis, lower back pain can be released.

Osteopath for golf reduces pain

Osteopathy is great for the following:

Back and neck pain
Headaches: migraine and tension
Soft tissue injuries: sprains, strains, tendonitis
TMJ/ jaw problems, clenching, clicking, orthodontia
Joint Pain: hip, knee, shoulder etc.
Nerve pain - sciatica, tingling, and numbness
Difficult digestion, acid reflux, constipation
Painful periods, ovulation, pelvic pain and bladder issues
Pregnancy discomfort, labour preparation, post-natal care
Children: unsettled babies, colic, recurrent ear infections
Agata Health in Burlington for golfers
Agatas Areas of Expertise:

​As a musculoskeletal manual therapist and a certified Osteopath, Agata’s goal is to help her patients in maximizing their health and putting their bodies on a path to healing. Agata uses gentle approach to assess and treat her patients – all treatments are manual in nature. Osteopathy can be classified as manual therapy, but it is the Classical Osteopathic philosophy of the approach to the assessment and treatment of human body that makes this field so significant. Agata embraces this approach passionately and works with her patients to help them move and function optimally.

Agata Kozlowska M.

OMSc., B. Kin,. Reg. Kin.
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Registered Kinesiologist.

To Book an appointment with Agata please
or contact her 647-444-7333

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